Jaipur to Kurukshetra packers movers

Quality type Cost
Regular 976/- Rs
Superior 1,132/- Rs
Premium 1,288/- Rs
Customized Available
Packers and movers from jaipur to kurukshetra Shifting services from Jaipur to Kurukshetra

Why select packers movers for shifting from Jaipur to anywhere in India

Kurukshetra is in the Northern part of India, in the state of Haryana. We have all type of Home (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK and any type of House shifting), Vehicle (Bike, car, bus, Truck and any type of Transport shifting) and Corporate (office, machinery, plant, factory and any type of Commercial shifting) moving deals at jaipurshift.com. Get packers and movers in Jaipur here. General language of Kurukshetra is Hindi and Jaipur is also Hindi, So you will find Hindi, English both as comman language always. Kurukshetra is also known as Dharmakshetra.

Packers movers shifting services in Jaipur

Shifting service Jaipur to Kurukshetra packers and movers services
Shifting type Home, vehicle, corporate
Product type All
Minimum price Nine Hundred Seventy Six Indian Rupees
Customization Available


How many days prior to book shifting service from Jaipur to Kurukshetra ?

For inter city means from one city to another city, packers and movers services for Kurukshetra from Jaipur, We suggest minimum 10 to 15 days prior booking. Minimum 3 to 5 days are required for smooth process as they take survey, packing, loading and unloading.

What kind of packing materials will the packers and movers use for Kurukshetra from Jaipur ?

packers and movers services provider will use different type of packing materials as per requirement. Mostly used are boxes and cartons with or withour foam of different sizes, labeling stickers, permanent and non permanent markers, knife, scissors, tapes etc.

What items cannot be shifted from Jaipur to Kurukshetra ?

There are some goods, which are not allowed to be shifted by moving companies for Kurukshetra from Jaipur. Packers movers companies do not allow liquids, Oils, inflammable items any format, pots, hazardous items, explosives, perishables etc.

Why do you need packers and movers for Kurukshetra from Jaipur ?

packers and movers companies are particularly useful, when you are moving from one city to the other cith means intercity. packers and movers service providers are specialize in tention free shifting for Kurukshetra from Jaipur in least time as possible.

Home shifting services from Jaipur to Kurukshetra rates

Jaipur to Kurukshetra 1 BHK shifting services in 17,418 15,328/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra 2 BHK shifting services in 25,240 22,212/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra 3 BHK shifting services in 33,062 29,095/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra 4 BHK shifting services in 40,884 35,978/- Rs

Relocate vehicle from Jaipur to Kurukshetra charges

Bike shifting services Jaipur to Kurukshetra in 1,109 976/- Rs

Car shifting services Jaipur to Kurukshetra in 5,593 4,922/- Rs

Bus shifting services Jaipur to Kurukshetra in 11,641 10,245/- Rs

Truck shifting services Jaipur to Kurukshetra in 27,285 24,011/- Rs

Moving corporate to Kurukshetra from Jaipur prices

Jaipur to Kurukshetra office packers and movers in 14,098 12,407/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra machinery packers and movers in 1,14,154 1,00,456/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra plant packers and movers in 2,27,854 2,00,512/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra factory packers and movers in 4,55,254 4,00,624/- Rs

Jaipur to Kurukshetra home shifting services

Jaipur to Kurukshetra vehicle shifting services

Jaipur to Kurukshetra corporate shifting services

Movers and packers Jaipur to other cities

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Domestic rates for home shifting from Jaipur

City name1 BHK2 BHK3 BHK4 BHK
Jaipur to Karnal16,56024,01531,46938,924
Jaipur to Ambala18,91827,38435,84944,314
Jaipur to Patiala18,49726,78135,06543,350
Jaipur to Nilokheri17,00224,64732,29139,935
Jaipur to Ambala Cantonment18,90927,37035,83144,292
Jaipur to Cheeka17,34925,14132,93340,726
Jaipur to Nissing16,32723,68231,03638,391
Jaipur to Ambala Sadar18,80327,21935,63444,050
Jaipur to Gangoh17,25825,01132,76440,518
Jaipur to Ghanaur18,59826,92635,25443,582

Domestic rates for vehicle shifting from Jaipur

City nameBikeCarBusTruck
Jaipur to Karnal1,0605,37211,17526,084
Jaipur to Ambala1,1955,97912,45529,386
Jaipur to Patiala1,1715,87012,22628,795
Jaipur to Nilokheri1,0855,48611,41526,704
Jaipur to Ambala Cantonment1,1945,97612,45029,373
Jaipur to Cheeka1,1055,57511,60327,188
Jaipur to Nissing1,0475,31211,04925,758
Jaipur to Ambala Sadar1,1885,94912,39329,224
Jaipur to Gangoh1,1005,55211,55427,061
Jaipur to Ghanaur1,1775,89612,28228,937

Domestic rates for corporate shifting from Jaipur

City nameOfficeMachineryPlantFactory
Jaipur to Karnal13,3391,08,0052,15,5804,30,730
Jaipur to Ambala15,4281,24,9172,49,3374,98,177
Jaipur to Patiala15,0541,21,8932,43,3004,86,115
Jaipur to Nilokheri13,7311,11,1772,21,9124,43,382
Jaipur to Ambala Cantonment15,4191,24,8492,49,2024,97,907
Jaipur to Cheeka14,0371,13,6602,26,8674,53,282
Jaipur to Nissing13,1321,06,3332,12,2434,24,063
Jaipur to Ambala Sadar15,3251,24,0892,47,6844,94,874
Jaipur to Gangoh13,9571,13,0072,25,5654,50,680
Jaipur to Ghanaur15,1441,22,6212,44,7534,89,018

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Shifting of 4 BHK is most difficult for a person. There are 3 families in my home and last month I need to change the residence. Moving with all the goods is burden for me and it is taking more time than expected. I need to shift from Rajasthan to Haryana. So, we hired a team of Packers and Movers for this. They did the whole work with full of care and pay attention for the safety of goods. They packed everything and loaded to their vehicle and safely deliveredthe it.
Jitender Dagar
Faridabad, Haryana, India

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